Advice and Support

TP Global prides itself in partnering with a high end client network making a commitment to all its applicants that they gain the correct exposure in front of market leading organisations.

Dedication to salary benchmarking - It can be tricky to know if you are in line with market rate. We can not only advise of the market you are working in but give you an overview of the external geographies or technical niches to follow which may enhance your earning capability.

Contractor care - Working as a contractor through TP Global is a direct and straight forward process with easy transitions and an experienced team to assist.

Experience in relocating expats - TP Global is vastly experienced in the relocation of expats across the energy market. we can offer advice and support to ensure a smooth transition into your new environment from helping you relocate your family to advising on the local market environment.

Market overview of upcoming projects and potential areas of advancement- We remain in the privileged position where we view the energy market as whole thus can advise candidates on upcoming projects and technologies in which we see as boom or potential career advancement. This advice can increase earning capacity and a applicants desirability in the market.

Specialist consultant knowledge - Special technical expertise ensure your time is not wasted as at TP global we understand what you do feasible progression for your career. All consultants at TP Global are vertical market specialists working on only one individual area ensuring they can consult and advise to the highest standards.

Vast Client Network - We have access to clients at the cutting edge of the market, with leading opportunities across the world. We are privileged to work with some of the best and most respected names in the market allowing us to offer unparalleled, project exposure and earning capability.