Help Us - Help You

At TP Global our consultants are trained to engage in detailed in-depth profiling to truly understand applicants motivators whether technical, personnel or geographical. Our values are built on quality and delivery aiming to eradicate time wasting and irrelevance that plagues the industry ensuring all our applicants are represented appropriately for only jobs they desire.

  • Understand your area of technical expertise - Vertical market specialist consultants provide expertise in one area with the ability to recommend appropriate development.
  • Understand your career direction - Where you want to be in the short medium and long term consulting and working together to realise this ambition
  • Understand your personnel situation - Respecting boundaries as we understand there is often others involved in career decisions pursuing opportunities that suit your personnel circumstance.
  • Understand your financial motivators - Identifying companies, market niches, technical areas that can accelerate your earnings.
  • Understand your geographical preferences - Working to realistic geographical consulting together positives and negatives of geographies in regards to individual circumstance.

TP Global service is not only for job movers but is here to help advice in career choices, inform of upcoming projects and show ways we can help in career development. Speak to a consultant directly for a more detailed profile into your future at 01371 879004 or