The best solution

TP Global understands that a global energy market needs a global personnel strategy. Expertise from all around the globe need to be available to allow clients to meet demands of the market.

Whether limitations may be on niche technical skill, cost of service, expertise in a geographical location or government legislation, TP Global has the resource solution for clients to win and maintain new business and gain a competitive advantage.

TP Global has the market covered with 3 simple solutions

Local Resource - Identifying in country talent with knowledge of the local market conditions including local client procedures, codes and standards. Having worked across similar projects and deliverables an easy transition can be made. TP Global has the understanding of local legislation, allowing smooth transition of local resource.

Expatriate - When resource needs cannot be fulfilled locally, technical professionals from across the globe will be required. This may arise due to a skills shortage; budget constraints or the need for geographical speciality.TP Global has the expertise to source and deliver professionals on time and budget taking into consideration local employment legislation and relocation.

Nationalization - The need for local national talent in country is becoming an increased demand as government legislations tighten in key Energy producing hubs. TP Global innovative approach has built networks in local market environments, sourced qualified national candidates ready to work in their native country.